Merry Days Glitter Stickers

This glittery thing was made using the very same method as I show in this video tutorial on the Ellen Hutson LLC blog HERE. It’s a fun video—’cuz you get to see something I’m rarely willing to do: get stuff on my hands. •insert shocked eyeballs• AAAAAAaaaand, my involuntary shudder is off camera so you don’t have to watch the look on my face while I’m squee-gee-ing (sp?) all that glitter off with my BARE.NEKKED.FINGERS. GAAAAAH!

A viewer very kindly suggested I wear surgical gloves next time. So smart!!! I have tons of those laying around and I dunno why I didn’t think to don them prior to the glitter bath. •smacks forehead•

Incidentally, the card over on the Ellen Hutson blog was the first one I made with that set when I first got it into my hands and the rest were follow-ups/variations.

Don’t they look like puffy glitter stickers?! Don’t get me wrong, I love my foam mounting tape and I use GOBS of it. BUT, just double-layering the die cut shapes + the glitter really does give them great dimension without needing to use the foam tape in this case. •BOOYAH!•

Xyron Sticker Maker + glitter = DAZZLING!