I have a quick video tutorial for achieve neon watercolor effects for ya’ today—I shared a sneak peek of the Mondo Gerbera Daisy on Instagram and was asked how I did it.

I tried to shoot and film this multiple ways, but suffice it to say, it is very difficult to capture the beautiful, eye-popping color you get by mixing in fluorescent/neon hues—I hope you’ll take my word for it that is much more stunning in real life than can be photographed…

See Carly’s video for her fabulous shaped floral cards HERE.

Fluorescent Clean Color Real Brush Markers are absolutely fantastic for this look—you can use all neon colors (I’ve listed them all in the supplies so it’s easier for you to find them), but on a large scale floral like this one, I personally prefer to have a hint of neon mixed in with regular colors. Colors specific to this project are marked with an “ * “ in the supplies.


  • Heat embossed images give these markers a place for color to “sit” until you’re ready to blend it out with a water brush.

  • When working with mid-darker Clean Color Markers, keep in mind that a little color goes a long way; don’t fill in your image, but apply color close to/hugging the embossing lines—you can always add more after your first layer is dry.

  • Pale/pastel colors may need multiple applications of color in the same area if you plan to blend out with water.

  • Before applying fluorescent colors, I recommend allowing your base colors to dry; adding to wet paint may diffuse the color right away and diminish the intensity.

Happy neon watercoloring and thanks for stopping by today!

Gemini FoilPress Cheers

I’ve had my head down working on my upcoming release for the Essentials by Ellen line, but I needed to congratulate a young lady on her recent graduation from a dental assistance program and I couldn’t help it—I had to foil the card I wanted to make for her. Used low profile dies and the Gemini FoilPress (you can see a how-to-video HERE).

This Sunburst die set by Hero Arts was perfect for the “popping” visual effect. LOVE!!! •all the heart eyes•

This design also called for more sequins than usual; looks so purdy with the foil, right?!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope your weekend has been splendid!