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Modern, clean AND easy to reproduce? Yes, please! Stamp flowers in a pretty mid-tone pink, white emboss greeting onto scraps of card stock that look pretty together, trim and pop them up onto the card front. •BOOM•

NOTE: I will say this photo is a tad deceptive—I really had a hard time shooting it without overexposing it—I had to slip a quarter sheet of that deep pink (actually more of a deep pink red color) underneath it for more contrast. In reality, that color of paper is a tad more pink and not quite as deep as the photo shows.

Anyhoo, I was so stoked over how this turned out, I bet it would look awesome in a variety of color combos—time to dive into the scrap bin! (wink)

Have a fab day!



As I’ve mentioned before, Halloween reigns supreme at my house . . . (chuckle) This idea was one I just couldn’t pass up. I used the Bottles of Bubbly Die, which was originally designed to be a champagne bottle for various festivities and celebrations but I’ve even used it in various ways, such as:

So, naturally, when I needed a bottle for the poison label, which was just hand trimmed out to look wonky/spooky-like, I turned to this same, versatile bottle. (cheeky grin)


I still have some cork paper in my stash so I used that to die cut the cork for my bottle, and the vellum webs were attached with mini glue dots—you can’t really see the dots unless you look hard for them. (fist pump)

The little banner was also “fish-tail” trimmed at one end and then stapled to the card front with one of those fun baby staplers I love so much (listed below). BTW, make sure your card is open before you staple the skinny li’l banner . . . ask me how I know . . . (snort!)

Have a fab day, and thanks for stopping by!